Programmable remotes

Rethink your remote. 

There was a time when your standard remote was enough. Today, home entertainment is anything but standard. There are more devices, more channels and more options than you could ever have imagined. That's why Logitech is rethinking the remote with the Harmony Touch.

Intuitive touch screen

Enjoy fluid, one-touch interaction with a vibrant, color touch screen that allows you to quickly swipe and scroll to your favorite entertainment options. TV channels, movies, games, music—all with one touch.*

Customizable channel icons

Say goodbye to lengthy menu scrolling and channel number memorization. With 50 easy-to-customize channel icons**, you and your family can access all of your favorite channels with a simple tap. Just select and save your favorite channel icons from a list on on to your remote or create unique favorite icons using your own personalized images.

Our setup service

The remote is setup to control all the functions and all the options needed using a usb connection to a Laptop. We will setup the system which will be stored on the logitech server making it easy to update any new comand in the future. once setup you will have easy control of all your equipment, for example, touch the icon "Play a DVD" and theTV will turn on and select the correct input, the sound system will put itself on the correct input and the sky box will turn off, all this from one button. Press the off button and every unit will turn off.