My SkyRemote will not control the volume

You need to programme the remote with the correct code for the make of tv. instructions how to do this in the user guide or contact me for details


My TV in the bedroom is not widescreen but when i set the second location to 4:3 format it seems to give out 16:9 format the same as the main TV.

SKY hardware can only output one aspect ratio at a time and the box switches in response to remote commands either via the front sensor or RF2 link as dictated by the settings in the menu. ie.If you use the remote link in the bedroom to control the TV the format will switch back to 4:3 .


Message comes up..."Your Sky+ box is about to go into standby".......then the box turns off.

To turn auto-standby off please follow the procedure below:

Press the "Services" button on your Sky handset
Press button 5 for "Sky Setup"
Press the handset 'up' button twice which highlights "Auto Standby"
Use the left or right handset buttons to turn auto standby OFF
Press the handset down key to highlight "Save New Settings" and then press select.