TV wall mounting service

A site survey is made to discuss the options for wall mounting the screen. The positioning of the TV will be confirmed and the best place for the AV Boxes deceided to give the nicest looking installation.

We ensure that all installations are to the highest quality, taking that extra time and care to create the perfect job.

We can mount your screen on any type of wall, 
Reposition sky and aerial points, Mains and telephone points enabling you to have the screen mounted wherever you want it, with hidden cables and even hidden sky box/dvdr etc with full control via the TV.
Cables can be hidden in many ways depending on the wall construction. Walls can be chased out and replastered, but in many cases cables can be installed in the walls without the need to chase out.

Future proof Installations using high quality cables for Digital HD and 3D. 
We carry all the AV Cables required for an installation, all lengths as well as custom made cables all perfect for the job. We also can provide specialist wall outlet plates for connections to Laptops or Games consoles.

We prefer to supply the wall mount as different mounts are required for different types of TV and different types of wall construction. We carry a full range of quality wall mounts and will select the perfect mount for the job.


All Wall are chased out with specialist diamond cutting equipment with dust extraction facilities, this gives a perfect channel and with no dust produced

Our unique method of protecting the cables includes heavy duty conduit and custom made back boxes, with cables fed trough the conduit.

Once the cables are secured in place the channel is replastered. The technique and materials used will give a perfect finish

I carry fixings for every type of wall , I never use the fixings suplied with the brackets. I allways use bigger, better and more than recommended. I use specialist fixings for soft block construction.and hollow walls, including chemical resins fixings . we are aware of every fixing on the market and have selected and tested many products for our wall mounts.


Once the installation is complete, all the equipment will be tuned in, setup including smart services , Game consoles etc, Our intention is to give a stunning looking installation i can be proud of.

Take a look at the gallery for recent installations 


Please call for a free local site survey